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Official State Brake and Light Inspection Station Orange

Our clients in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA have found it frustrating to find a state licensed Brake and Lamp Inspection. We now offer this as part of our complete service to residents in Orange and surrounding Orange County cities.

The need for this inspection arises from the vehicle being in an accident or has been cited by a police agency. As we are under state licensing rules we are required to obtain necessary training and employ related equipment to perform these regulated inspections. You may have a vehicle with a salvage title or a theft recovered vehicle and therefore are required to get the vehicle inspected to determine if the vehicle meets state standards.

All lighting is checked to determine proper functions together with proper alignment and to be assured at the time of the inspection all lenses are in good order. Also, the brakes are given a complete inspection to assure minimum standards are met. Brake drum, rotor and brake material thickness are all checked as well as brake hoses for any cracks or other faults. Failure in any of these areas must be addressed and brought up to state compliance before and certificate is issued to get the vehicle registered.

Please give us a call and we will be able to give you further details and costs. We also have the ability to issue state smog certifications and perform any needed repair work to get your vehicle back on the road. Feel free to give us a call or stop in anytime.

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